Finding Ideas For Free Travel Articles

As you sit down at your computer to write free travel articles, does your heart ever sink at the thought of having to find yet another 600 words worth of things to write about for the same place? Sometimes it might seem as though there’s only so many things that you can say about one holiday destination. So where do you get enough ideas from to keep writing?

Personal Experience
What better resource to draw from when writing free travel articles, than your own personal experience. There’s no better way to write enthusiastically, than to write about somewhere you’ve visited before, or perhaps even somewhere you’ve had the trip of a lifetime. Not only can you be sure of your suggestions and your advice, but you can handpick those suggestions from a medley of memories. But be sure not to get too nostalgic, or you’ll be on the next plane back there yourself! There’s no denying that the easiest destinations to write about are the ones that you’ve been to yourself.

Other People’s Experience
In the same way that your most informed writing will come from your own travels, so will other peoples. That is why there are so many thousands of blogs out there, written either on or after a holiday, that are simply bursting with information. It’s true, sometimes these blogs just tell stories such as ‘we got up and went to the beach.’ However, many of them will go into much greater detail, telling you exactly which Italian restaurant served the best pasta they’ve ever eaten, which area of the beach was the most deserted, or which cove to snorkel in order to see the most exciting sea life. These are exactly the kinds of ideas you need when writing free travel articles, so be sure to include some blogs in your research.

The Expert’s Experience
Who better to tell you about a holiday destination, than the people who want to take you there? The websites of travel companies can be a fantastic place to find ideas for free travel articles. Though they can only inform you of the accommodation or holidays that they themselves offer, they may include itineraries or activities that provide perfect subject matter for your writing. So long as you keep in mind that these people are trying to sell you a destination rather than provide you with information you can use to write about it, there are plenty of ideas to be found on their websites.

The Slightly More Objective Expert’s Experience

Personal experience and word of mouth are great tools to use when coming up with ideas for free travel articles, but nobody could ever tell you as much about a holiday destination as the tourist board themselves. Experts on their own locations, these are the people with the real knowledge. Providing information on everything from accommodation, transport, and activities, to maps, inoculation advice and weather forecasts, this really is the best place to find out the facts and get some ideas.

So, next time you sit down to write, remember that ideas for free travel articles can come from a variety of sources. The more you use, the more ideas you have and the more detailed the information in your article can be.

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